Grow Your Business In 30 Days (Or Less)


Here's what you'll learn on the course:


  • How to get revenue immediately (without advertising and at zero cost)

  • Uncovering your business's benefits

  • Turning customers into your best salesforce

  • Overcoming your prospect's objections to buying

  • Reigniting old customers

  • Uncovering your true value proposition in your business

  • What every customer really wants and how to give it to them (hint: the pain/pleasure pendulum)

  • How to structure every piece of marketing so it funnels your prospect towards the sale

  • The easy method for making your writing magnetically attract your customer

  • How to take advantage of advertising that can laser-target your customer for a few PENCE.

  • Using email to create long-term profitable relationships

  • How to attract ready-to-buy customers without being 'salesy'

  • And much more!

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